Democratic Left’s Kouvelis meets with European Parliament president

kouvelis,schultz1Progressive and pro-European powers must be strengthened in the coming European elections of 2014, Democratic Left (DIM.AR) leader Fotis Kouvelis said in Brussels on Wednesday, following a meeting with European Parliament President Martin Schulz.

Schulz is also a member and former chair of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament.

“We agreed with Schulz that the austerity policy now being implemented is not just socially unfair, but an economic dead-end as well,” Kouvelis said. “It leads to economic stagnation and social rupture. Thus Euroscepticism increases and dangers greatly threaten the European structure.”

Kouvelis called for changes in European policies dealing with the crisis and said his party supported the speeding up of economic and political unifiation in the EU. “Ethnocentrism and state hegemonies will lead the process of unification to a dead end,” he warned.

On Greece, he said that he conveyed to Schulz the fact that the country’s adjustment programme needed fundamental changes. “Return to fiscal health must be linked to development and social protection, urgently and completely,” he noted, adding that “social and political stability is crucial for Greece, and this can only occur by correcting wrong policies. This is what we hope to do by participating in the government and that is what we are demanding of our allies in the European Union.”



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