DIM.AR leader Fotis Kouvelis meets with European Commissioner Laszlo Andor

kouvelisDemocratic Left (DIM.AR) leader Fotis Kouvelis, a junior partner in the coalition government in Greece, expressed his party’s opposition to “the austerity policies that downgrade the social state” in a meeting he had here on Wednesday with European Commissioner Laszlo Andor, responsible for employment, social affairs and inclusion.

After the meeting, Kouvelis said that he underlined the need for the adoption of extraordinary measures in support of Greece aimed at relieving the unemployed and supporting those living in conditions of deep poverty.

He suggested the introduction of immediate intervention in support of households that have no employed members, in combination with programmes designed to support the young. He said that more than 400,000 families were in this category, adding that measures to support the unemployed over 55 with obsolete qualifications are also necessary.

Kouvelis said that he pointed out the need for a minimum guaranteed income across the country to ensure dignified living standards for the financially weak.

He concluded that the social state’s refoundation is necessary in Europe and in Greece, adding that the country’s adjustment and fiscal reform should take place in combination with social protection.


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